Choose from a selection of professional designs

Every block of flats is different.
That’s why we give you the opportunity to
choose the look and feel of your website from a selection of professionally designed templates.
So, you can customise your block’s website
to suit you.

Keep Your Information safe with enhanced security protection

All our premium and pro-users benefit from enhanced security features including 256-Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and individual user password protection, so that sensitive information about your building remains private and confidential.

Save time running your residents association and maintaining your building

Running a residents association or flat management company can be time consuming. With Your Block Online a website for your building can be up and running soon, so you can benefit from our online suite of tools specifically designed for people like you to make it simpler, quicker and more efficient to do your job. That way, you’ll have more time free for yourself.

Better more effective communication in your block

Our bespoke research shows that a major challenge within a block is effective communication between the residents as well as with the managing agent.Your block website has been designed with many useful features to improve communication, and consequently the efficient running of your block.

Find Out How You Would Benefit from a Dedicated Block Website

Your Block Online offers flat owners, landlords, managing agents, residents associations, resident management and right to manage companies an affordable, innovative and time-saving solution to creating a website for blocks of flats. Your own dedicated website for your block can be online in moments and you do not need to have any technical understanding to get your block online.

  • Useful Document Storage Library
  • Share Opinions with your own discussion board
  • Email other residents and managing agents directly
  • Use your own domain name
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • More effective communication with flat owners
  • Better informed decisions about building management
  • Identify and solve problems quicker
  • Save time with routine information management tasks
  • Integrate with your existing website
  • Add value to your Property Portfolio
  • Enhance Property Management Capability
  • Foster leaseholder communication
  • Improve property owning experience
  • Make information acessible
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    Hear What Our Happy Customers have to Say:

    Your Block Online have been providing dedicated websites for individual blocks of flats since 1999. Below you will find some testimonials and discover what people are saying about Your Block Online:

  • “Your Block, helps both private leasehold and indeed retirement leasehold premises come together so they can start sharing and working together”
    Ed Davey, MP

    Happy Lady Customer
  • “From the directors perspective it's a great way to manage reports and other important documents we need to distribute and file without cluttering up my spare room.”
    Bob Smytherman, Chairman, Federation of Private Residents Associations

    Bob Smytherman, Chairman, Federation of Private Residents Associations